th sound words

th sound words

It’s time for th sound words.

We usually begin with digraph ‘sh’  and then move on to digraph ‘ch.’

After that comes digraph ‘th’ which we will be discussing in detail today.

For the th sound, put the tongue between the teeth and simultaneously blow the air out. Try doing this without and then with voice.

The digraph ‘th’ makes two sounds, voiced and unvoiced. ‘Th’ is pronounced with voice is certain words like the, this, that, these, their, they, those, then them, feather, brother, etc.



‘My book about th words’


For today, we will be covering the more common unvoiced ‘th’ sound which can be found in words like bath, moth, sloth, froth, thick, thin, theme, cloth, pith etc.


th words list for kindergarten and first grade


The first worksheet is reading and coloring th sound words. Let the kids color only the ‘th’ sound from each word when they read it.


th words with pictures for kindergarten and first grade

Next is a picture sort activity worksheet. The kids can color the pictures first as we discuss what is on the pictures. Cut the pictures.


jolly phonics th words for kindergarten and first grade

Now, stick the pictures under the right word.


th words phonics for kindergarten and first grade

Cut the letter tiles and spell the th sound words for kids.


th words for kids with pictures for kindergarten and first grade

Match the digraph th sound words to the right picture.


th sound words worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

Read the word bank and write the digraph th sound words.


digraphs and blends for kindergarten and first grade

Cut the ‘th’ word tiles and sort them. There are words that begin with th and those that end with th. Sort them and stick them in the correct box.


th sound sentences for kindergarten and first grade

th sentences

The next worksheet has pictures and scrambled words. Unscramble the words and form logical sentences. Please tell our little learners about basic punctuation. Sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a period (full stop). It will also make the unscrambling process easier since two words(first and last of the sentence) would already be sorted.


blends and digraphs for kindergarten and first grade

Build the words by joining the strips and paste them in the notebook. Cut along the lines. you will get 6 words along with pictures. Now, cut along the dotted lines. Give your child 3 strips for the first word e.g. bath. Let the child form the picture and read the word. Stick the word in the notebook. and form a simple th sentence with a word and write it e.g. The tot has a bath in the tub.

This ‘th sound words’ pack is free for subscribers to download. free phonics and grammar worksheets





my book about th words for first grade



I am also sharing another pack with you which is ‘My book about th words.’



th sound words with pictures for kindergarten



Circle the pictures with ‘th sound’ on page 2. The pictures are thorn, wheel, teeth, thread, throne, thigh, thirsty, throw, thermometer and turtle. On page 3, write ‘th’ and the words with ‘th sound.’

The instructions to print are mentioned in the book. This book requires only 2 sheets to form an A5 size (approximately) book. The sheets will be printed on both sides. All the pages are numbered so there will not be any confusion.

In case, you have to print on both sides manually, print pages 1 and 8 and pages 6 and 3 first. On the reverse of pages 1 and 8, print pages 2 and 3. On the reverse of pages 6 and 3, print pages 4 and 5.

Since the print will be on both sides, use a thicker sheet.



th words sentences worksheet for first grade



On the next two pages, children have to frame sentences using the words given. A sentence begins with a capital letter. This rule will help children understand the first word of the sentence. Sentences end with a period or full stop or question mark or exclamation mark. This will make punctuation rules clear and also help children frame sentences. Do not forget to color the pictures.



th words for kids worksheets



The last two pages are for writing sentences. Children have to write sentences with ‘th sound words’ whose pictures have been provided. The ‘th sound words‘ are the same that the children have traced on page 3.

This book can be covered over a period of three-five days. I usually like to cover this over a period of three days, two pages each day.

‘My book about th words’ is free for subscribers to download. free phonics and grammar worksheets