Introduction to prepositions – 1st Grade

Introduction to prepositions – 1st Grade

Prepositions are words we use to show the relationship of a noun or a pronoun to another word in the sentence. Prepositions of place can also be called a place words because it often tells us the position of things.

prepositions of place anchor chart for first grade and second grade

You can download the anchor chart by clicking on the image above.

To understand the prepositions of place, we will take the example of the picture below.



Where are the two kittens?

Yes, the kittens are under the table.

Where is the cat?

The cat is standing on the table.

Where is the young woman?

The young woman is standing beside the table.

There is one common noun in all the three answers, ‘table’. The prepositions are under, on, and beside which tell us the relationship between the table and the kittens, cat and young woman.

Some common examples of prepositions which children should be familiar with are:







next to



behind etc.

A preposition is something that can be best understood when demonstrated. I always begin with ‘in on under’ since they are the most common and also the easiest.

I usually take crayons in a box and ask them the position of the crayons.

‘The crayons are in the box.’

I take a crayon out and place it on the table and ask them where the yellow crayon is.

‘The yellow crayon is on the table.’

Then, I place it under the table and ask where the crayon is.

The kids usually say, ‘on the floor’ and then I ask them where the crayon is with respect to the table.

‘The crayon is under the table.’

Another way to teach is to take some objects or toys and give them to children. Now ask them to follow your instructions.

Place the blocks in the box.

Place the book on the table.

Place the pen next to your cap.

Keep the pencils inside the pencil box.

Keep the bag under the chair.

Drink water from the bottle.

Keep the chair beside the table.

Have the children follow your instructions and do the task accordingly. It is the most engaging and easiest way to teach prepositions in a group.


prepositions exercises with pictures worksheet for first grade and second grade

prepositions worksheets with pictures worksheet for first grade and second grade

I have prepared a set of seven exercises that are ideal when introducing prepositions. You can download it free by going to my website.

I hope you find this ‘Prepositions‘ lesson useful.