plant life cycle

plant life cycle

life cycle can be described as a series of stages that a living being goes through between the time that it is conceived until the time it produces an offspring of its own. Then the offspring passes through the same series before it produces its own offspring. In this post, I will be sharing a plant life cycle booklet and also a sunflower life cycle booklet. The booklet is free to download in color as well as a black and white print.



The booklet that you see in the video above is for the sunflower life cycle.

Life cycles are good for reading practice and make for an interesting read.


plant life cycle printable for first grade and second grade

The life cycles explained in these booklets are very basic and in four stages. I use these with my first graders. Each stage is highlighted separately. The pictures make the plant life cycle easy to understand.

These booklets can also be used along with a gardening activity with kids. Each kid can plant their own seeds and see the various stages of its growth. That is how I like to do the plant life cycle in my class. Once a child understands it practically, the different life cycles are easier to understand.


sunflower life cycle printable for first grade and second grade

I also have describing pictures worksheets that you can try with your first graders.


life cycle of plant printable for first grade and second grade

This life cycle pack is free for subscribers to download.