Phonics reading sentences for kindergarten

Phonics reading sentences for kindergarten

Phonics lays a foundation for fluent reading, spelling, and understanding word structures. A firm grasp of phonics lays a strong foundation and ensures that children do not struggle when reading. We begin with beginning sounds for letters or alphabets and move on to blending those sounds to form words. In this post, we will be covering the next step which is reading sentences. Before attempting this ‘phonics reading‘ pack, I suggest you try these fun secret sentence worksheets which are simpler and can be attempted by preschoolers too.

In this ‘phonics reading‘ Pack, there are five worksheets for word family an, en, in, og and un. These phonics sentences are decodable and will provide ample reading practice for children.


reading sentences worksheets for an words family for kindergarten and preschool

Above is a sentence worksheet for word family -an. These worksheets will give our kindergarteners reading as well as writing practice and is perfect to attempt once the child can read -family words. I have created another free set for kindergarten reading worksheets. Do check it. It will further improve your child’s reading fluency.


reading sentences for kindergarten worksheets for og words family

The above worksheet is for word family og. Start from the beginning and read highlighting the ‘og’ words. By the time, the children reach the end, they will begin to understand a pattern and will be reading much quicker because of repetition.

I start these worksheets once the children get the hang of word families. It helps with sight words too and prepares the children for reading small passages.


reading sentences for kindergarten for worksheets for in words family for kindergarten and preschool

reading sentences for kindergarten

The next is phonics reading sentence worksheet for word family in. Once the children have finished reading the sentence, have them write the -in words.

I have used at least five words from the same word family for good practice. These sentences may not be very meaningful but they will give the child good practice for reading and that was my aim behind designing these worksheets.


reading for kindergarten worksheets for word family en

After the children have written the -en words, they can complete the simple sentences. This is important since it lets me know if the child has understood the sentence.


Phonics reading sentences worksheets for un words family for kindergarten and preschool

These phonics reading sentences worksheets do quicken the process of reading and build confidence in children when it comes to reading.

For more sentences worksheets, check this space.