phonics alphabet a to z

phonics alphabet a to z

Phonics is a method of teaching children to read by linking phonemes and the letters that represent them. In this post, we shall be discussing phonics alphabet a to z books for preschool. I shall be sharing the phonics alphabet a to z books/booklets in this post. We will discuss the phonics sound s book.


This 8-page phonics alphabet book will use only two sheets. No cutting, pasting or stapling is required to assemble these preschool printables. Children enjoy little books more than worksheets, so I created this pack specifically for preschoolers.

If you do a page every day, the book will complete in 5 days. The book can easily be completed in one sitting too. We usually complete the book in two days.


my book about phonics sound s for preschool

On page 2, children have to look for lowercase s among the letters and circle it. On page 3, children can color the bug images of uppercase and lowercase s. Clear instructions are provided regarding how to print this booklet. Page 2 and 7 will be printed on the reverse of 8 and 1.


letter of the week phonics sound s

Page 4 and 5 of phonics sound s has ten pictures of which 8 begin with the s sound. Discuss the sounds in the class and then children can color the pictures or circle them or do both. The pictures that do not begin with s can be crossed.


beginning sound s activity book for preschool and kindergarten

On page 6 of phonics sound s book, we have letters in uppercase. The little ones have to identify uppercase s and circle it.

On page 7, the kids can trace both uppercase and lowercase s.

This book is ideal for introducing beginning sound ‘s.’

You can also attempt my phonics sound pack before moving on to these books.

These phonics alphabet a to z books are a zero prep resource and an absolute hit with the little ones. Just be careful while printing it and you will get the perfect book. I like the fact that this book saves paper.


phonics letter and sound s printable book free for preschool free phonics and grammar worksheets


preschool printables for letters and sounds



free preschool worksheets for letters and sounds



preschool worksheets for letters and sounds



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I am frequently asked regarding the printer I use for my printouts. Since I take more than 500 print outs every month, I use Epson Ink tank which is by far the most economical printer I have ever used. The print quality is also really good for colored as well as black and white.

These ‘phonics alphabet a to z’ books are free for subscribers to download.