Past tense verbs

Past tense verbs

A past tense verb is used to talk about something that started and finished at a definite time in the past. It describes a completed activity that started and ended in the past.

The maid dusted my room.

I cooked dinner for the family.

‘dusted’ and ‘cooked’ are past tense verbs.

If you understand the present tense, the past tense should be easy for you. Read and download free worksheets for the present tense by clicking here.


past tense and present tense worksheets for second grade

In this pack we shall be covering verbs which can be changed to past tense by putting <ed> at the end of a verb.

cook  + ed  =   cooked

play   + ed  =   played

It also includes words ending with <e> which can be changed to past tense by replacing the <e> with <ed>

danc(e)  +  ed   = danced

serv(e)   +  ed   = served


past tense ed sentences worksheet for first grade and second grade

In the above worksheet, we convert simple present sentences to past tense. Using today and yesterday makes it easier to understand the difference between past and present tense.

Today we arrive.

Yesterday. we arrived.

Yesterday, you finished

Yesterday, they coped.

Yesterday, I filed.

Yesterday, we opened.

Yesterday, they baked.

Arrived, finished, coped, filed, opened and baked are past tense verbs.

past tense worksheets for second grade

In the next worksheet, we have to complete the above sentences using one of the verbs in the bracket. This worksheet will help children understand the formation of sentences in the past tense.

In case your child is not thorough with verbs yet, you can read verbs in detail and download free worksheets by going here.


past tense verbs exercise for second grade


Complete the sentences in the past tense by using the verbs in the box. Before using the verbs to complete the sentences, they have to be converted to the past tense by adding <ed>.


past tense verb sentences worksheet for first grade and second grade


In the last worksheet, we read the present tense sentences and convert them into past tense sentences.

The ostrich walked.

The bee buzzed.

Dad rowed the boat.

My head ached.

I was a student.

We played monopoly.

The pretty girl plucked the flowers.

I hope you find these past tense verbs worksheets useful.