Nouns Verbs Adjectives Pack 2

Nouns Verbs Adjectives Pack 2

noun is a word that names a person, place, animal or thing.

Verbs are action words that are used to describe things that nouns do!

Adjectives are words that describe a noun or a pronoun.

We have practiced ‘nouns verbs adjectives’ individually. Now it is time to practice ‘nouns verbs adjectives’ together. Before teaching primary using these classroom worksheets, I suggest you try ‘Nouns Verbs Adjectives Pack 1’



nouns verbs worksheets for first grade, second grade and third grade


The first of the education worksheet is a cut and paste word sort worksheet for nouns and verbs. Read the words on the popcorns and stick the noun corns in the nouns box and verbs corns in the verbs box. This is a good way to teach primary to discriminate between nouns and verbs.

I have more nouns and adjectives worksheets that can be used to teach primary new words and make them understand how to describe nouns.


nouns adjectives worksheet for first grade, second grade and third grade

The next worksheet is about discriminating between adjectives and nouns. Read the word and if it is an adjective, color the adjective crayon, and if it is a noun, color the noun crayon.


word sort for verb adjective to teach primary

The above worksheet is another fun cut and paste worksheet to discriminate between verbs and adjectives. Cut the word tiles and sort them under verbs and adjectives. I usually ask children to color the verbs and adjectives in two different colors while sorting them.

Stick the words in the correct box.


nouns verbs adjectives worksheet for first grade, second grade and third grade

The next education worksheet has ‘noun verb adjective’ together in a ‘heart.’ The heart has been divided into parts. Colour the nouns blue, verbs pink, and adjectives yellow. 

nouns verbs adjectives adverbs game for first grade, second grade and third grade

To teach primary, you can download the above ‘nouns verbs adjectives’ sort activity on my website. It will complement these educational worksheets well.



educational worksheets to teach primary nouns verbs adjectives

The last education worksheet will be quite challenging for our learners. Read each sentence and highlight the nouns blue, verbs red and adjectives green. Each sentence can have more than one noun, verb and adjective.

First, highlight the nouns in the sentence and then aim for the adjectives and verbs. It will make the process easier.

A verb tells us the action that a noun performs and an adjective describes a noun.

1. Noun- nail and finger Verb- pricked Adjective- sharp and little


nouns verbs adjectives worksheets pack for first grade, second grade and third grade