l blends worksheets

l blends worksheets

It has been some time that our little learners have been learning to read words containing consonant blends bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, and sl. Today, I shall be sharing another l-blends pack with you with a variety of l blends worksheets.

Please understand that consonant blends can be quite tricky for children. In order to master them, constant practice is required.

If you are introducing your child to l blend words, I suggest you begin by reading short vowel l blend words by downloading this free pack.

In my experience children typically record just one of the two blend sounds when spelling. For example,  ‘blob’ is spelled bob; slip is spelled sip; fled is spelled fed, etc. I try and stress on the consonant blend as much as possible when this happens.

I try to make the child write at least two words in every class. For example, when I ask the child to write ‘bled’ and instead she writes ‘bed’, my next word for her is ‘bed.’ Then I make the child compare both the words written by her, ‘bed’, and ‘bed.’ It makes the child think. Most of the time, the child is able to correct the error. Even if she is not, she still understands that there is an extra sound in ‘bled.’

Let’s discuss the l blends worksheets.


phonics blends picture sort worksheet for kindergarten


The first of the l blends worksheets is a picture sorting worksheet. Colour the pictures, cut them, and then stick under the correct blend.

The pictures are:

bl  blocks blow blanket

cl  clap clown clips

fl   flamingo floss fly

gl  globe glue glass

pl  plant plum plate

sl  sling slide slippers


jolly phonics blends worksheets for kindergarten


In this l blends worksheet, the pictures are fly, blood, blanket, plate, clown, slide, gloves, and plane. The blend tiles need to be cut and then pasted next to the picture.

fly – fl

blood- bl

blanket- bl

plate- pl

clown- cl

slide- sl

gloves- gl



blends worksheet for bl cl fl gl pl sl blends


The pictures are:










The children have to identify the beginning blend and write it in the block.


kindergarten blends worksheets for l-blends

In this worksheet, the short vowel sounds are missing for the pictures. Complete the word by adding the short vowel sound. The words are clap, blocks, plug, cloth., glad, floss, sled, clips, blob, and flush.

Make sure to play my free and addictive l blend words game by downloading it from here.


l blend words worksheets of l-blend words for kindergarten


In the next worksheet, I make the child read the word bank and then identify the pictures. Then fold the sheet so that the word bank cannot be seen. The child tries to write as many words as she can and for the remaining the word bank can be referred to again.


l blend sentences worksheet for kindergarten


This is a good worksheet to get the kids reading because it has the sticking activity! Read the l blend sentences and stick the corresponding pictures.


frame sentence worksheet for kindergarten


Last but not least comes my favorite worksheet which helps a child with sentence formation. See the picture and unscramble the words to form a sentence. Sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a period (full stop). Your child will learn the basic punctuation rules here.

This ‘l blends worksheets’ pack is a subscriber freebie.