r blends worksheets

r blends worksheets

In this pack of r blends worksheets, we will move towards writing the r blend words and also sentences. In case you are looking to introduce your child to r blends, start with this pack of r blends words. Read the word and color the r blends, br cr dr fr gr pr tr.

There is another interesting picture sort free r blends worksheets pack which you can download from here.

These r blends worksheets for kindergarten packs will make our little readers familiar with r blends. They will grasp the concept of consonant blends and will be able to read them comfortably.


r blend cut and paste worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

Identify the pictures and color them. Then paste the pictures under its blend.

The pictures are:

br broom bread bricks

cr crow crown crab

dr  drip  drill  dragon

gr  graph  grid  grapes

pr princess printer pram

tr  tractor  truck  train


kindergarten blends worksheets for r blend

Next, we will be doing an activity worksheet where children will need to pick the blend for the corresponding pictures.

In this worksheet, the pictures are bread, printer, dragon, grapes, train, trampoline, crown and fruit. The blend tiles need to be cut and then pasted next to the picture.

bread- br

printer- pr

dragon- dr

grapes- gr

train- tr

trampoline- tr

crown- cr

fruit- fr


r blend worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

Moving further, we will try to make our little learners write the blends br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr and tr based on pictures.

The pictures are:










The children have to identify the beginning blend based on each picture and write it in the block.

write the missing vowel worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

Identify the pictures and write the missing vowel sound.


write the short vowel r blend words worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

Our little learners can now try to write r-blend words. Consonant blends can be quite tricky for children. In order to master them, constant practice is required.

In my experience children typically record just one of the two blend sounds when spelling. For example, ‘trap’ is spelled ‘tap’; ‘grab’ is spelled ‘gab’; ‘frog’ is spelled ‘fog’ etc. I try and stress on the consonant blend as much as possible when this happens.

Also, I try to make the child write at least two words in every class. For example, when I ask the child to write ‘bred’ and instead she writes ‘bed’, my next word for her is ‘bed.’ Then I make the child compare both the words written by her, ‘bed’, and ‘bed.’ It makes the child think. Most of the time, the child is able to correct the error. Even if she is not, she still understands that there is an extra sound in ‘bred.’


r blend sentences cut and paste worksheet for kindergarten

Our little readers will read the r blend sentences and stick pictures accordingly.


kindergarten blends sentences worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

In the last r blends worksheets for kindergarten, our little learners will unscramble the words to form a logical sentence.