ending blends worksheets

ending blends worksheets

consonant blend in a word is a group of consonants with no vowels between them. Ending consonant blends are blends that appear towards the end of a word. In this pack of consonant blends worksheets, we shall be covering two-letter ending blends.

When saying a consonant blend, you can hear both the sounds of the letters separately. E.g. bled, bend, blend.

As a primary teacher, I am often asked by parents when to teach consonant blends.

I teach consonant blends once we have covered beginning sounds, CVC words, -ck words, double consonant words, and digraphs.

We start with initial consonant l-blends, bl, cl, fl, gl, pl and sl.

Then we move on to initial consonant r-blends br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr and tr.

The last of the initial consonant blends s-blends sc, sk, st, sp, sm, sn, sw. You can cover the tw and dw blend too.

Only after initial blends are covered do we begin with final consonant blends. The reason is the nature of consonant blends. They are confusing for children especially those who are learning English as a second language.

Introduce words with beginning blends with only four letters. E.g swim, blot, crab, twin. Once comfortable, we can move on to blends with digraphs, double consonants, and -ck sound. E.g. blocks, cross, stash.

You will be amazed to see the number of words your child will be able to read once you have completed beginning blends.

When students are ready, introduce final blends with only four letters.E.g. send, sink, lamp, risk, etc. before finally tackling words with both initial and final blends e.g. stand, crest, blimp, etc.

We can also cover ending blends with digraphs e.g. shank, chimp, thing, whisk, etc.

Ending blends are particularly tough to get and initially the child may not be able to register both the sounds of the blend but with ample practice, the child will get it.


ending blends chart to teach primary about final blends

Above is an ending blends chart that can be used as a classroom resource and can be displayed on the wall for teaching primary kids about the various ending blends that are supported with pictures.

ending blends reading list to teach primary

Above is a word list for reading words with ending blends. Read the words and highlight the ending blend by coloring it. I do have special education resources for ending blends. These flashcards are supported with pictures and the focus sound is highlighted which makes it easier to read.


final blends worksheets to teach elementary

The next educational worksheet to teach primary is the cut and paste ending blends worksheet. Identify the picture and complete the word by adding its ending blend.

The pictures are melt, mask, wind, pest, fang, lamp, raft, elk, sink, and weld. Once the child has completed this fun worksheet do have dictation for 5-6 words from the list. Dictation is important to know if the child has actually understood the concept.



elementary worksheets for teaching ending blends

ending blends writing exercise to teach primary

The above two worksheets are classroom worksheets. Identify the pictures and circle the correct blend from the given options. The words are vend, gong, hulk, elf, jump, left, mint, wink, and nest.

In the worksheet that follows, the child had to write the words. The pictures are the same for both the worksheets.



consonant blends worksheets with sentences for ending blends

Unscramble the words to form a logical sentence. Follow the basic rules of punctuation. A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.

blends game for and first grade

These consonant blends worksheets will go very well with the consonant blends game that I have prepared. It will serve as a wonderful classroom resource.

I hope you find this resource useful.