Blends worksheets for kindergarten

Blends worksheets for kindergarten

Our little readers have started reading consonant blends ‘l and r’ words now. Before beginning with the s-blends, I would like to focus on another important aspect which is the confusion between the r and l consonant blends. In this post, I will be sharing blends worksheets for kindergarten.

bled and bred

plop and prop

clap and crap

blush and brush

glass and grass

blanch and branch

Sometimes the children say it right but just get confused regarding which blend to write. This requires practice, practice, and more practice.

I have shared Pack 1 of ‘l and r consonant blends’ on my blog. You can check the post here and download the pack. 

Now, let’s see what is in blends for kindergarten Pack 2.


Word sort gl and gr consonant blend worksheet

Word sort pl and pr consonant blend worksheet for kindergarten and grade 1

These word sort worksheets will help ease the confusion between l and r blends. There are twelve ‘l’ and r’ short vowel words which the child needs to read, sort, and paste in the correct box.

The little ones love this activity. Please cut the word tiles and have them read the words. If the child is facing difficulty in reading the words, you can suggest the child highlight the ‘r’ and ‘l’ blend with light colors. For example, the child can color ‘pr’ blend in the tile with yellow and ‘pl’ blend with orange. The child can now make out the first two letters of the word which are ‘pr’ and ‘pl.’ It makes reading so easier.


cut and paste the consonant blend picture worksheet for kindergarten and grade 1

The pictures are:

grapes gran grill

gloss glitter glum

plum play planet

prop princess press

flush floss flag

frock frame fruits

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blends for kindergarten worksheet

Identify the pictures and pick the correct beginning blend from the two options.


consonant blend words worksheet for kindergarten and grade 1

Read the consonant blends words in the word bank and then write them next to the picture.

consonant blend sentences worksheet for kindergarten and grade 1

A fun picture sort, cut, and paste worksheet for children where they will read the sentence and stick the picture next to it.

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make sentences with these words worksheets for kindergarten and grade 1

Unscramble the words to form a logical sentence. Write it following the basic punctuation.

This ‘blends worksheets for kindergarten’ pack is a subscriber freebie.