beginning sounds worksheets pdf

beginning sounds worksheets pdf

Phonics beginning sounds are the first step for our curious learners who are learning to read. Understanding the beginning sounds of words lays the foundation for the phonological-awareness. This awareness will help them sound out letters as they begin reading.

I have prepared yet another phonics beginning sounds worksheets pdf set for my beginners. It is the beginning sound match.


beginning sounds worksheets pdf for preschool and kindergarten

For each sound that’s in the center, there are two pictures beginning with that sound. One picture is to the right and the other is to the left. These classroom worksheets will be good practice for our preschool and kindergarten kids to practice beginning sounds.


Phonics sound fghij beginning sound match worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

Beginning sounds fghij match

Identify the pictures and match it with its beginning sound. Worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

Match the beginning sounds with the pictures. These worksheets work best when revisiting sounds or when you have completed five sounds in alphabetical order.


These grasp crayons in the picture above are perfect for preschool children. They are easy to grip and help the child transition from grasp to grip formation. A must-have with my 3-year olds. You can find them here.

The answers have been provided on a separate sheet within the pack.


beginning sounds worksheet for kindergarten and preschool

qu makes the sound /kw/. ‘q’ does not make any sound on its own.


jolly phonics beginning sounds games for kindergarten and preschool

Do not forget to try the beginning sounds game to practice beginning sounds with kids. Preschool and kindergarten kids will absolutely love playing this card game. You can download it by clicking on the link above.

Phonics sound uvwyz beginning sound match worksheet for preschool and kindergarten

Beginning sounds uvwyz match

It is a zero prep resource. I hope your little learners will have fun matching and coloring these sheets.

If you have just begun beginning sounds with your child, I suggest you check this post. It has a to z beginning sound packs for preschoolers which shall help in teaching the sound individually. This printable resource for teachers is free to download.

phonics phonics beginning sounds worksheets for preschool and kindergarten sounds worksheets

This beginning sounds worksheets pdf is a subscriber freebie.