a and an worksheets

a and an worksheets

How do we decide when to say A and when to say AN?

A and AN are both indefinite articles and they have the same meaning.

The rule is really very simple. It depends on the sound at the beginning of the next word. It is the sound that matters, not the spelling.

When do we use ‘a’?

‘A’ is used before the words that begin with a consonant.

When do we use ‘an?’

‘AN’ is used before the words that begin with a vowel sound.

You can read more in detail about ‘Articles- A and AN’ in my blog post.

A and AN compared in detail in this poster with examples

To A or to AN?

Today, I will be sharing a and an worksheets free printable. Let’s discuss the worksheets.


consonant and vowel worksheet for kindergarten and first grade

vowel and consonant worksheet


Colour the vowel pumpkins ‘blue’ and consonant pumpkins ‘red.’


Let us discuss vowels and consonants.

Consonants and Vowels!


In the above vowels and consonants worksheet, children have to circle the words that begin with a vowel.  In the second part, words that begin with a consonant have to be circled. This activity helps vowels and consonants better.


Discussing letter,s alphabets, consonants and vowels.

Letters and alphabets


The above worksheet will help children understand alphabetical order, vowels and consonants better.


Practice on using articles a and an correctly

a and an worksheets free printable


In the next worksheet, children will understand when to use ‘a’ and when to use ‘an.’


a and an worksheets free printable

A or AN?

In the above, a and an worksheets free printable, identify the pictures, read the words, and fill in the blanks with ‘a’ or ‘an’.


article a an worksheet for first grade and second grade

a or an?

This will be a particularly challenging and confusing worksheet for children since there are only pictures and no names for the pictures, The child has to decide between the article ‘a’ and ‘an’ seeing just the picture.

Answers: an igloo, an eye, an ice cream, an ant, an apple, a tree, an elephant, a mushroom, a banana, an owl, a watermelon, a rabbit, a horse, a kit and a fly.


a and an worksheets free printable learn to use a and an correctly

Complete the sentence using ‘a or an’


In the last worksheet, students have to read the sentences and complete them using ‘a’ and ‘an.’

I hope you find this resource useful.