Articles – ‘a an the’ Pack 3

Articles – ‘a an the’ Pack 3

A and AN are both indefinite articles and they have the same meaning,

The rule is really very simple. It depends on the sound at the beginning of the next word. It is the sound that matters, not the spelling.

When do we use ‘a’?

‘A’ is used before the words that begin with a consonant.

When do we use ‘an?’

‘AN’ is used before the words that begin with a vowel sound.

‘The’ is the definite article. It is definite because it is referring to a specific thing. Examples:

I climbed the huge tree in our garden today.

The cat is relaxing on the couch.

To read about the usage of  ‘a’ and ‘an’ in detail and download the free anchor chart, check this post.

I will be sharing 4 ‘a an the’ worksheets in this pack.

usage of an worksheet for first grade and second grade


The above worksheet is to make the children comfortable with vowels and usage of nouns and adjectives beginning with a vowel. It will make a child think and help expand their vocabulary. 

Also, the concept of an will become clearer.

an elf

an ocean

an apple

an iguana

an easy test

an open window

an energetic dog

an unripe banana


a or an sentences for first grade and second grade


Even after understanding the concept of ‘a’ and ‘an’, it takes a while to actually use them when speaking and forming sentences. The above exercise is to practice these two articles in sentences. Read the sentences and add the articles in the space provided.


a an the worksheets for first grade and second grade

The next worksheet is for all the articles together.

He was the man of the match.

There was a storm last night.

This is the pen I was looking for.

I had an accident.

She is the topper in our class.

Is there any milk left in the bottle.

That was an exciting game.

a an the use sentence for first grade, second grade and third grade

The last worksheet is the famous ‘The Golden Egg’ story worksheet where the articles are missing. Children have to complete the story by filling in the blanks with the articles.


articles worksheets pack for first grade and second grade

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